23 Nov

St Mary's Parish Church, Painswick

Painswick ended up being a perfect first stop for us. Its in the western side of the beautiful Cotswold AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), on the top of a hill overlooking vales and other towns. It was a glimpse into how difficult life was for those early settlers. There were 5 wool mills down on the stream and a very steep climb up the hill to the town itself. The village is small but has 3 Inns and a hotel for the summer tourist and of course 3 pubs. The views from the top of Painswick Beacon are from the town of Stroud across the vale to the village of Slad. It was a great way for me to experience one of the most popular places in England for country life but still be close to London. Its an hour and a half train ride from Stroud to Paddington Station in London.

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